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Another gift guide to share with you all today, this one being one of the most difficult that I find to pull together! I could put endless options together for women, but guys always stump me. Maybe this is because my husband is somewhat of a minimalist. As long as he has the tech-y tools he needs to work and a few things in terms of health and fitness, he’s good to go. I was able to pull a few things out of him and gathered some other ideas on my own and I’m happy with the array that resulted.

Guys can be tricky when it comes to clothing, so I included a cute (can we say cute when referencing a guy’s gift?) hoodie, a cozy flannel lined sweater and a fleece lined henley. Between these three, I’d have my husband, brothers, and fathers taken care of! These sneakers may not be for every guy, but I really like the style and when I showed Jack he responded, ‘Oh I like those! Don’t buy them for me, but they’re nice!’ Ha! I’ve been seeing this Bose portable speaker pop up everywhere this season and while it does make sense for many guys, I have to say our kids probably get more use out of ours than we do! Along the minimalist line, Jack has a very similar wallet to this one (if you can really call it a wallet) and he loves how it doesn’t have any bulk to it. This wireless charger would be really great for any of your guys that head to an office for work or just need something portable at home.

In terms of health and fitness, Jack highly recommends these vitamins which aid in memory and focus, these (anything but ordinary) kettlebells and this crazy contraption of a massager. For guys (or gals) that do a lot of strength training, it’s very beneficial. When I asked him for a good book recommendation he didn’t hesitate when responding with David Goggin’s, Can’t Hurt Me. He told me he’d listened to it three times and was ready to listen to it again. A very inspirational read!

I hope this guide is helpful for you! All images below are clickable and will take you to the shopping link.

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