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Holiday Decor Inspiration

Decorating has commenced in our household and although it’s not complete, it’s well underway. I forget how much I love the feeling of having our winter/Christmas decor up. Especially in the evenings when all of the little twinkling lights create the most peaceful ambiance. We won’t get a live tree until after Thanksgiving which the family will decorate in our family room, but I also have this tree set up in our dining room and it fills a corner by our front window perfectly. I’ll continue to share more of what I do at home on Instagram, but today I wanted to share some decorating ideas with you to help you get started and give you a little direction if needed. I started playing around with a few boards and they all evolved into a scheme of their own. Please note that these items are not all to scale, so don’t base judgement of size on my renderings ;) I included the exact items pictured as well as some others below each image if you want to get the exact details, but otherwise, pull out your holiday bins and see what you already have in stock. Chances are, you can pull off some of these looks from your current inventory alone!







Makes you want more than one mantle in your home, doesn’t it?! I also wanted to share these stocking hooks (both in bronze and silver) for anyone that has a mantle with a lip (if you have a block mantle, they unfortunately won’t be helpful). I’ve used these hooks ever since we had children because I always imagined those beautiful decorated stocking holders crashing down on one of my little ones. These are a great alternative and won’t interfere with your decor!

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