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High Five for Summer!

It’s certainly been a summer week for us! I just looked back through my week and realized that I cooked dinner all of two times in the past seven days. We had a handful of picnics and get togethers with friends and family and have certainly enjoyed it all.

Last night we ventured out with friends to a local resort for a wing-fest with live music, food and games. Halfway through our time there the sky opened up and for five minutes we were squeezing ourselves under a tent with a million (ok, maybe 100?) other people. During the brief rainstorm, I felt an itch on my leg, but didn’t have any room to get my hand down there to itch it. When we worked our way out of the shelter, I finally realized that my leg hadn’t been itching, but (one of my worst nightmares) there was a bee crawling up my leg under my jeans! Had I only had on skinny jeans that bugger never would have been able to squeeze himself up there, but go figure, I was wearing boyfriend jeans. Well I freaked out and during the chaos got stung a handful of times. Quite the ‘lovely living’ I tell ya! Fortunately I’m not allergic, and a beer helped ease my pain! And my kids managed to end up looking like they had taken a mud bath by the end of the night. Despite the bee we all had a great evening. I’m continuing to spend the next few weeks constantly reminding myself to take advantage of all the summer we have left!

Here’s a look at the rest of my week:

1) These two enjoy sending silly pics/video’s back and forth with their Aunt (my sister). You get the idea ;)


2) My new favorite dress thanks to my friend Rebecca, owner of Elizabeth & West Fashion House. I’m sure I’ll get this on the blog, but I’d hate for it to sell out first! You can check it out here :)


3) The Arboretum at Penn State recently opened up their Children’s Garden. The more spaces available to let these kids let out energy the better!


4) I’ve been using this blush/bronzer duo for a few months now and I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it to you. My apologies, but chances are you may already know about it. Apparently it’s their best selling blush and bronzer combined, so maybe I’m just late to the game! Regardless, I’ve been loving them and thought you might too!


5) This was the setting from last night (with the darned bee!). It also happens to be one of the first places my husband took me on a date to see Bob Dylan. It’a hard for me to believe that was over 16 years ago! No, I’m not that old, we started dating when we were 15. Which makes sense now, because I remember his dad had to drive us there!


Hope you’re making of the most of your weeks as well! See ya again Monday!

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