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High Five for Friday

Another week down my friends! Not much new here other than having a belly that’s slightly larger than last week. My cravings for sweets are just about out of control and I’m really going to have to reign that in….soon. Although you may appreciate the Lemon Bars post that will be forthcoming ;) Anything exciting going on with you?

Here’s a look back at my week:

1) My little gymnast following in the footsteps of her aunts.


2) It’s a good day when my 5 yo son declares it the best day he’s ever had! I guess my love of dino’s and reptiles must flourish a bit!


3) We don’t hesitate to take advantage of a date night when my sister offers to babysit! Sometimes just avoiding dinner/bath time/bedtime is the best treat :)


4) We enjoyed a number of gorgeous days this week and did our best to spend some time outdoors.


5) Here she is, snug as a bug while I do what I can to convince her it’s time to get out.



Have a fantastic weekend!

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