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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Another week has flown by, but I have to say that during the last month of pregnancy, I am more than happy to have the time fly.¬†Everyone is quite excited to meet this little girl and I’m really looking forward to being able to move at more than a snails pace someday soon! Funny story, my 2.5 year old daughter accompanied me on my weekly doctors appointment this week. She was watching intently as the nurse took my blood pressure, which was familiar to her because that’s what Doc McStuffin’s does, so the nurse asked her if she’d like her to take her blood pressure. Her response? “No, me don’t need to because me no have a baby in my belly” :)

Here’s a quick look into our week:

1) Starting a little prep work for Madelyn’s big girl room. Girls are way too fun to decorate for, how do you ever decide??


2) A special surprise from a more than special friend to brighten up my week. If anyone needs hooked up with a Stella & Dot stylist, I know plenty :)


3) What? The baby made me do it.


4) I have such a weakness for fresh flowers!


5) My husband and kids see it as practice, but I just see creepy!



Have a great weekend!!

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