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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! This week felt busy yet low-key at the same time. Maybe that’s because my normal routine seems to be wearing on me. Fatigue is certainly setting in and I find myself eager for this little girl to arrive. And once she does I know I’ll be sleep deprived wishing she was still in my belly…if only for a minute ;) Either way, time is certainly flying by!

Here’s a quick look into my week:

1) This sweet batch of clothing from Hello Apparel arrived for all 3 of my little ones this week. Looking forward to seeing them all in them, but especially a sweet little someone!


2) This one has always been extremely girly, but she’s taking it to a whole new level lately. Dressed in ‘princess clothes’ from top to bottom and wearing her heels until her toes bleed (no joke). She even insisted on wearing her tutu to music class this week where she stood and danced in the center of our circle the entire class! A little performer on my hands for sure!


3) Just a reminder that there’s one week left to enter you or a friend in Redbook’s Real Women Style Awards. I know there are so many of you with fantastic style and I encourage you to give it a shot! What do you have to lose?! Plus, this year’s winner will make it onto Redbook’s cover!!


4) I know I’ve mentioned using Rent the Runway on here before. This week I booked my rental for my brother’s wedding this coming summer. Since my size will certainly be up in the air, I’m thankful they always offer to send a second size free of charge. Since I’d never pay $700 in retail, I’m thrilled to be able to wear this little number for $80! You can check it out for yourself here.


5) Ok, this may not fall into the ‘part of my week’ category, but isn’t this lovely? ;) I think I want.



Have a great weekend everyone!


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