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High Five for Friday

Friday is here and I am officially exhausted. It’s been a busy week and having my son home for spring break (which meant no chance of a nap for me!) kept things interesting. I’ve also been making preparations as we get ready to head to NY next week for my SIL’s wedding, yay! Haircuts, dry cleaning and making sure those of us that are walking down the aisle (oh yes, me and my bun in the oven are making that walk!), are set. This weekend though, should be rather low key and I’m looking forward to enjoying it :)

Here’s a look into our week:

1) Does daylight savings always throw you guys too? Not in any major, immediate way (outside of getting ready for church Sunday morning after loosing an hour of sleep), but halfway through the week I remember how that hour was taken away and it all clicks why things just feel off!


2) Having an older sibling to read to a younger one is sort of the best thing ever. Not to disregard the cuteness factor, but they were actually managing to keep themselves entertained!


3) I love when he gives me reminders that he’s still my little boy :)


4) I started stocking up for warm weather with these Soludos. I bought a pair last summer and they were immediately comfortable without requiring any break-in period. This year I tried a few other pairs including these from Target which are similar to the Chanel pair (which I will not be purchasing) and this pretty floral pair, but neither compared by a long shot to the comfort of Soludos. And at their price-point, you really can’t go wrong.


5) One more with these crazies, because we spent A LOT of time together this week :) I have to say, I think the getting along slightly outweighed the arguments though, and that brings a smile to my face.



Have a great weekend, all!


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