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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty frigid week around here, but moving into February, I know spring is on the way….eventually. As for the fam, I had a check-up this week and baby Z is doing well and right on track. Big brother is losing teeth and starting to (slowly) read books on his own and big sister is on the road to being potty trained. I have heard so many people say that girls are easier to train than boys. I beg to differ. Jack was trained in one quick weekend. He literally wet his pants one time in the process and that was that. Miss Madelyn, on the other hand, has a mind of her own. I think our extreme celebrations (ie her brother and I jumping around like maniacs every time she uses the potty and stays dry during nap-time) are starting to win her over. Stay tuned, she’s a work in progress!

Here’s a look at the rest of my week:

1) Pre-Superbowl fun with some adorable cookies thanks to their DeDe.


2) Nearly 27 weeks, closing in on the third trimester and trying to get my feet up every once in a while. Potty training a 2.5 year old is certainly keeping me on my feet more than I’d like, but it needs to be done!


3) I love dressing up girls. And I love when she gets a kick out of her clothing!


4) My favorite kind of shopping is finding little gems when I’m not looking for them. We all know when you are looking for them, you never find them! These cute cards (which are inspiring me to send some out of the blue hello’s) and passport case were snagged at Home Goods this week. Now I just need some plans that involve putting my passport to use again ;)


5) A little early Valentine love from one of their favorite Aunts and soon to be Uncle.



Hope your week was wonderful!


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