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High Five for Friday

What a week! I see that those of you out west have been enjoying some pretty decent weather while those of us on the east coast have had quite a different story. We started off the week with two snow days and a lot of effort on my part to keep my two little ones entertained. Jack lost his second tooth (which is big news in a 5 year old’s life) and the tooth fairy was close to getting busted! That’s no small task she has. Madelyn worked with me to make space for ‘baby sister’ and I was reminiscing as we pulled out her old newborn clothing. I’ve had a number of dreams of the baby arriving early, which is hopefully just a part of me feeling totally unprepared for this child. Thankfully babies never know how prepared we are. All they need is our unconditional love, and that I’m positive she’ll receive in overwhelming amounts!

Here’s a look back on our week:

1) We’re working our outfits together for my SIL’s wedding in March. We’re also working on Jack’s ‘thank-you smile’ when people compliment how handsome he is. It’s a much better response than his roll of the eyes! You can find his suit here for a pretty decent sale price.


2) My sister has begun selling Stella & Dot jewelry which means my collection has no choice but to grow! These are two pieces that should be arriving any day from their new spring line. You know me and pastels! How pretty are they?!


3) Our fort creation during snow day #1. I am no architect, but I’d sure enjoy decorating the interior :)


4) One of my most favorite people sent not one, but two of these dresses for Madelyn and baby-to-be. They are the sweetest things!! You can check out this dress and more from Arrow and Lace here.


5) My TJMaxx bargain this week. But the real question…do I need another watch??



How was your week? Anything exciting or out of the ordinary?


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