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High Five for Friday

Hello Friday! We had a fairly uneventful week around here, which can actually be a good thing. I’ve been having a few restless nights which I don’t exactly welcome, but that’s just all a part of this pregnancy game. Or should I say a warm up for what’s to come? Time is certainly flying by which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. My daughter now gets her toy stethoscope out on a regular basis to chat with her little sister…via my belly button, of course. She’s going to be a terrific big sister (as is her brother, but he’s an old pro) but I’ll be sad to let go of her being my ‘baby’. I’m hanging on to that for these last few months!

Here’s a look back on my week:

1) Roller skating for the first time at a friend’s birthday party. He was a natural…after his wheels were tightened ;)


2) You can’t grow out of vests and scarves ;) Some current maternity favorites.


3) I haven’t gotten around to doing a post on this dinner, but it’s become a favorite around here so I wanted to pass along this Chicken Avocado Burrito recipe.


4) I know this isn’t unusual because I’ve seen a number of friends post pics of their daughters surrounded by dolls and animals in their beds, but seriously, how can one sleep this way?! I can barely have my husband brush up against me when it comes to getting my sleep!


5) I’ll leave you with this book that I just wrapped up studying with a handful of girlfriends. I love having a group of women that continue to push and lead me in my faith. This particular study was pretty eye opening when it comes to the way I pray. Certainly worth it on your own, but even better if you’re able to gather some friends to work through it with you.



Hope you had a pleasant week and I look forward to seeing you next week! Thanks for reading along!


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