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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, all! I’m thankful that my energy levels are creeping back up because life feels extremely busy and I don’t see anything slowing down until Christmas passes! Cookie baking and shopping have commenced (excited about this toy I found for Jack), decorations are up and most evenings we’ve been watching short Christmas movies with the kids before we tuck them in. I really do enjoy this season, I just wish it lasted a bit longer than it does!

Here’s a look at what went on around here this week:

1) Jack and Madelyn with their sweet cousin Max. I’m not going to lie, three kids looks daunting!!


2) Schools around here have off school the Monday after Thanksgiving for the beginning of deer season (like my 5yo would be out with his rifle?). We took advantage and had a movie date to see Madagascar in 3D. I’m behind the times, but this was my first 3D movie and I was blown away! How cool are they?!


3) I can’t say if these are new to Trader Joe’s or it was just my first time coming across them, but darn that store for their samples. I have no will power!


4) I decided to freshen up Madelyn’s ‘do. I think her new bob suits her personality perfectly.


5) We took a ride on a local Santa train. Jack seems to be overcoming his ‘santa fear’ but Madelyn wasn’t giving him anything more than a smile and a wave….from a safe distance ;)



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