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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m not sure anything makes me realize how fast time flies as much as blogging does. No sooner do I finish one ‘Friday’ post and it seems I’m drafting another. And this time we’re nearly half way through November and closing in on Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, has anyone else been craving this meal like I have? Not to make you envious, but thanks to my family as well as my husband’s, I’ll be enjoying this wonderful meal on Thanksgiving as well as the day after. Gluttonous, I know. But back to the here and now, below you’ll find a bit of what went on during my week. I’m feeling motherly guilt for the lack of pictures of my son. That’s sadly what happens when he leaves me for school! I’ll catch up, I promise!

1) No need for dress-up clothes in this house. Our little lady has just about every look covered. She pulls off tulle and grunge way better than I could!


2) Many mugs of this have been consumed this past week. It’s nothing new, but I recently can’t get enough!


3) I was able to celebrate this beautiful Mama to be this past weekend. She’s one of my dearest friends from college and I could not be happier for her and her family to be. Becoming a mother for the first time is life changing and I’m overjoyed to see her go through this experience.


4) Madelyn got to enjoy a playdate with friends and when a bounce house is involved, everyone is happy!


5) After an official taste test today, I’ll be sharing this goodness with you next week. Until then, I’ll leave it up to your imagination ;)


Have a fantastic weekend!

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