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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Are you all adjusted from the time change? I’m sure those of you without little ones adjusted quite easily and the rest of you are still waking up an hour early :) Thankfully it’s not as bad as when my two were infants, but my 2 yo has most certainly been up early in her crib every morning playing ‘babies’. I’m very grateful for the extra hour she gives us :)

Here’s a look at our week:

1) Totally loving Madelyn’s new beanie from Lemons and Lace. Check them out for boys and girls alike!


2) Fire truck day at Jack’s school. We now have an official ‘family meeting spot’ outside of our building :)


3) Voting day with her obligatory cookie afterwards.


4) In case I wasn’t aware that Halloween was over it’s now been made very clear. No joke, this was all a part of yesterday’s mail delivery!


5) Sorry for the overload, but this girl is by my side all day every day. She was watching PBS kids waiting for me to get ready to leave the house yesterday morning. She’s nuts and I’m crazy about her!


Have a great weekend!

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