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High Five for Friday

Hey guys, happy Friday! After a week of dealing with a head cold I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. It’s unfortunate that as a full-time mom I’m unable to call in sick. My boss simply says, ‘not a chance’. My 2 yo came down with something similar as well but it amazes me what little fighters they are. I’m laid up on the couch and she continues to zip around the house sneezing, coughing, dancing to Frozen and building blocks. I guess in a way she’s making me look like the baby!

Sick or not, our week didn’t slow down all that much:

1) Over the weekend I was able to visit one of my best friends and reunite this crew. Her two in the middle are actually a year and a half apart, despite looking like they could be twins! Future linebacker on their hands I believe.


2) As you may have seen on Instagram, here are a few things I picked up at LOFT this week. I already had a few friends grab this jacket as well and it’s totally worth it. Even better if you catch it on sale (40% off today)!


3) Typical lunch with my little sweetheart. I share my veggie soup and she shares her mac’n cheese :)


4) Speaking of my sweetheart…can’t get enough of these eyes.


5) And my sweet guy. Wearing a nostalgic cap that belonged to my husbands’ grandfather.


Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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