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High Five for Friday

It’s Friday and it’s October! I still seem to be fighting fall a bit, but it’s kind of getting real now that September has come and gone. I guess I’ll have to have my husband bring out my fall bins of decorations and hopefully get to them this weekend! Before that happens, however, I’m helping to put on a dessert reception/auction fundraiser at my son’s school this evening. It’s the first year this has been done and a lot of work has been put into it. Fingers crossed it goes well! I was on chocolate covered pretzel duty and I’m looking forward to getting my counter space back. You can imagine what 250+ pretzel rods spread around you kitchen looks like!

A look at my week:

1) One of those sweet moments that had my husband and I enjoying the peace and quiet.


2) A center piece at last weekend’s wedding I attended. Simple and beautiful.


3) Pretzels for miles!


4) A little Eric Carle artwork.


5) Flowers that brighten any day.


Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

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