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High Five for Friday

Well this was a whirlwind of a week! I started out in NJ with my husband as we met with a specialist and the perk (for me) was getting to visit with a great friend of mine. You know those people that welcome you in and make you feel like family whether you haven’t seen them in a few months or a few years? That’s this one. From friends near and far, I certainly felt the love surrounding me and my family this week. Jack’s constant battle mixed with my temporary illness this week had our house…well, it’s seen better days ;) But I’m back on my feet and ready to tackle a fun family wedding this weekend! What do you all have planned?

My Week:

1) Have you seen the Eric Carle line at Gymboree? Thankfully my MIL was on top of this so I could grab these adorable shirts for the kids. You can check out the entire line here.


2) My very first pair of blue suede shoes. These Seychelles came from Gilt where they are currently still available, lucky you! Very similar pair here and here.


3) I’m loving Jack’s enthusiasm to learn. He comes home, sits down and asks me what letters he should write. I may have an in-house secretary on my hands shortly!


4) Behind the scenes during one of our shoots this week. Whatever it takes to keep them off the street!


5) Overload of my kids this week? I can’t help it sometimes! This little one could dress herself up and down all day long. When she’s not in the middle of changing her babies’ diapers, that is.



I hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend!

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