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High Five for Friday

Looking back over my week and the busyness of it all, I can see why time flies by. I am enjoying it all (the classes for me and the children, the practices, the lunches, the blog writing, the errands…ok I don’t love the errands) but man have I been ready to hit my pillow every night! Many people told me as time was leading up to our wedding day to stop and enjoy the day because it’d be gone in an instant. I made it a point to step aside a few times that evening and do my best to take it in. I need to figure out a way to make that happen during this season of my life as well. I guess this blog does an okay job of documenting certainmoments for me. Thanks for letting me share a bit of it with you every Friday ;)

What went on this week:

1) I joked on Instagram this week that my feed was filled with posts from #NYFW and this is what my life looks like. I don’t think it’s too shabby ;)


2) Two purchases this week. A vest for me and a vest for my mini. Seriously, if you have a daughter or a niece or a granddaughter or know someone with a little girl, this vest from Target is adorable!


3) Back into the swing of things at music class. She surely marches to the beat of a different drum.


4) I purchased these pants at JCrew Factory a few weeks ago while we were at the shore. I finally got around to wearing them this week and they are the most comfortable pants ever! Sure to be on a weekly rotation in my closet (at least!).


5) I’m still getting used to sending this little guy off to Kindergarten. I don’t like sharing him ;)


Hope your week was lovely! Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!

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