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High Five for Friday

Wow, it’s already Friday! This week was quite the adjustment week in our house. We returned from the beach, were thankful to have Labor Day as an extra day to recoop, and then were thrown into fall schedules on Tuesday. My son starting Kindergarten had me quite emotional. Of course the fact that he went into his classroom with no trouble at all (or even one last hug for mom!) made it even harder on me. Isn’t he still supposed to need me?! I know, he does, just in other ways and I should be proud that he’s able to go off on his own… yeah, yeah ;)

Here’s a look at our week:

1) Here he is. The little boy that I literally feel like I just gave birth to, headed off to Kindergarten!


2) And when he returned all craziness returned with him :)


3) One of my best and most thoughtful girlfriend’s sent me these. Apparently she knew I’d be a bit emotional!! They totally brightened my week. Thank you my friend ;)


4) I know bucket bags have been back on trend but there hadn’t been one I was crazy over. Then I saw this one at the end of our beach trip. The burgundy and perforated detail had me as soon as I set eyes on it! Welcome my new fall bag.


5) I wish I could say I was responsible for all of the cuteness in this photo, but my husband is the one that dressed her and she did her own accessorizing. If only I could be this cool.


How was your week? I’d love to hear! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

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