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High Five for Friday

This week has come and gone and now it’s August?! Our house has been passing around a lovely summer cold. My husband is now the last man standing. Kids are funny though, colds make them cranky but they sure don’t slow them down!

Here’s a look at my week in photo’s, minus the couch lounging and scattered tissues laying around the house…



  1. Catching fireflies/lightening bugs with Jack.
  2. New wrist candy I scored on sale this week at Riley on Main.
  3. Enjoying some scenery along a run I was able to get in this week.
  4. I think I can assume that my baby is too big for the Bumbo when she can carry it around, right?
  5. Hair is all trimmed up. Anyone else have hair that grows like a weed? It’ll be back to my shoulders in a few weeks!


We’re looking forward to the weekend with my family’s reunion on Saturday and then Jack and I are heading to Hershey, PA on Sunday to see the JT/Jay Z concert. An evening all to ourselves and a bed and breakfast to top it off, yay! Thanks for watching the kids, Mom!

What’s lined up for your weekend?

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.


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