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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, all! It’s been a busy week around here. First and foremost I should let you all know (unless you follow along on Instagram and are already aware) that I became an Aunt! You can see a shot of sweet little Max below. He is absolutely perfect! Of course immediately after he was born my children came down with colds and have been keeping me away from seeing him again! Darn kids, don’t they know I have a nephew that needs some loving?! And speaking of colds, aren’t they the worst in the summer? At least in the winter you don’t mind staying in and bundling up, but who wants to be trapped indoors when the beautiful sun is shining?! I guess we didn’t actually stay in all that much, thankfully when they hit the pool their symptoms are all temporarily relieved :)

Here’s a look at my week in photos:

1) Here he is, the man of the hour, sweet, little Max.


2) Madelyn and Great Grandma stylin’ as twinsies! Good fashion sense must be genetic.


3) When I received this lip color in my Birchbox I nearly passed it off as being too bright for me. Fortunately I tried it on because it turns out I love it! Just the color I needed to add to my makeup drawer.


4) One of my favorite things about summer is the fresh produce. We’re lucky to have this little stand within a half mile of our place. Grocery store tomatoes just can’t compare!!

H54F7251¬†5) Enjoying our first corn of the season thanks to previously mentioned farmers’ stand.



 Happy weekend everyone! See ya Monday!

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