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High Five for Friday

I swear sometimes I blink and it’s Friday again. How does that happen?! Nothing too crazy to report around these parts. The little man has been at a camp every morning this week so I was able to get a little one on one time with my daughter. Even just having the time to sit and read to her like I did so often with my son is enjoyable. Oh, and I mentioned that I was ‘almost an aunt’ last week. Well the little bugger is holding tight, but I can almost guarantee that I’ll have something to report next week!

Here’s a look at my week:

1) Madelyn after a blowout one evening.


2) Fresh flowers in the house are one of my favorite things.


3) Bedtime shenanigans and full of energy until they hit their beds every single night.


4) If you follow along on Instagram, you saw some of the outfits I was tempted by at LOFT’s sale this week. I’m still deciding if sales are good news or bad news!


5) I’m off to another shower this weekend celebrating my cousin’s soon to be bride. It’s a good thing I enjoy wrapping with the amount I’ve been doing lately!


Have a great weekend all!!

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