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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Coming off of the 4th of July weekend this week continued to feel like a whirlwind. My husband was away in NY for a few days so the kids and I got to share plenty of one on one time (as if we don’t already!) There was plenty of park and pool time and I even managed to get a lunch out with one of my dearest college girlfriends. I love those relationships that pick right back up each time you see someone. We’re off to a wedding this weekend and my sister in law is ready to pop any minute (as in giving me a nephew), so it’s bound to be the exact opposite of quiet around this place!

Here’s what I captured on my phone this week:

1) Getting ready for the fireworks on the 4th. Apparently State College, PA ranks 4th in the nation for their show? Or at least that’s what I read!

2) I love finding a beautiful scarf for a few bucks on clearance at Old Navy!


3) Anything to keep this girl busy. She literally does not stop moving while she is awake. But boy does she nap hard!


4) Anthro catalog mail day and I’m in trouble! These peep toe booties have me wishing they were stacked in my closet!


5) My guy behind the camera. I’m thankful he has a good eye! And is pretty easy on my eyes as well ;)


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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