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High Five for Friday

When you’re home with children during the summer there’s a fine line between keeping their schedules busy and having them utter the words “I’m bored”. This happened to be a week where swimming lessons, soccer lessons and sports camp fell into the same week. Needless to say, my kids were anything but bored. Even Madelyn, who was basically stuck following her brother around, managed to keep herself entertained. I’m looking forward to the weekend where a bit of relaxation may be involved!

Here’s a look at my week:

1) Running around, staying cool, literally and figuratively.


2) Miss Madelyn and one of her best buddies entertaining one another while their brother’s take their swim lessons. They are actually the same size, the angle’s just off here!


3) One of my outfits this week. Easy breezy. (Anthro top / 7FAMK cropped jeans / Espadrilles)


4) Our church put on a fantastic sports camp this week. Each evening when I picked Jack up he would ask, “Did you miss me Mom? I didn’t miss you because I was with my friends.” I suppose I should be happy about that?


5) Needless to say, I had two wonderful sleepers this week!


┬áHave a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you next week!

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