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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been one crazy week for me, full of wonderful happenings and fabulous people. Part of my week was spent in NY, as you know, and thankfully my sister was able to tag along. We had such a great time together and I was happy to have her aid while navigating through the city (I’d choose walking through Manhattan any day over driving!)…and for the rest of the trip, obv. I returned last night to a ‘Welcome Home’ banner, a crying 5 yo who had just hit his head on a door and a two year that was beginning to piece sentences together! This, fyi, is why it’s so hard to leave your children, they literally change in a matter of days! Oh and I can’t miss filling you in that my husband had fresh baked banana bread on the counter! What?! I had rushed out of the house Tuesday morning leaving a few rotting bananas on the counter and he managed to find my recipe and bake a better bread than I! Sorry ladies, this baker is taken ;)

Here’s a glimpse into my week:

1) This is my beautiful sister in law who is due to have her first child next month. It’s also the first time I’ll be an Aunt and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am!


2) My handsome little guy at one of his swim lessons this week.


3) All dolled up and spending some quality time with this beauty (that’d be my sister).


4) My husband had no clue about my itinerary details while I was in NY and yet he managed to track me down with this special delivery. Like I said, he’s taken ;)


5) Rest assured, some shopping was certainly involved during my travels. This way I can give our UPS man a break!


I hope you all had a fantastic week as well. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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