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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends! I’m assuming many of you are already enjoying your long weekend. Interesting fact: Boalsburg (the town next door to us) claims to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. Although the long weekend is appreciated (well, for some of you, that doesn’t exactly apply to me!), we also remember those who have fallen serving for our wonderful country.

Memorial Day also marks the opening of pools around here and, more importantly, the (un)official go-ahead to wear white, yay! Okay, not exactly the most important part, but it is a perk for sure!

Our week has been full of celebrations as you can see here:

1) Not only was it my husband’s birthday (yesterday) and my daughter’s birthday (today), but this week also marked one year of A Lovely Living! In some ways it seems like I only just began this blog, but in other ways I feel leaps and bounds ahead of where I began. Most importantly I’m enjoying it more than ever and I’m looking forward to year #2! Thanks to all of you for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you and hope you’ve found at least one or two ways to make your life a little bit more lovely :)


2) This was taken while we were out for my husband’s birthday dinner last night (of course there’s not a shot of him??), but this little munchkin is officially 2 years old today. She brings so much light to all of our lives and I could never imagine life without this little firecracker. Happy Birthday Miss Madelyn Adena!


3) This little dude and I snuck out to the movie theater only to bring some popcorn back to the birthday guy. He’s kind of a fanatic!


4) This is what my daughter woke up to this morning. Anything to help tire our energetic 2yo out!!


5) To break the celebration pattern, I can’t wait to wear my new bandana! I have some practicing to do because this is a new accessory for me, but the colors and pattern were too pretty to pass by! If all goes well it’ll be styled in a post shortly!!



Enjoy your weekend! I’ll most likely be taking a break on Monday, but I’ll catch ya back here Tuesday!

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