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High Five for Friday

Well this Friday happens to be the last Friday in April, say what?! I swear the month just started a few days ago! Despite being almost May, it sure feels like March again. After starting the week with a beautiful Easter day, I spent the rest of the week shivering because I refuse to turn back to boots or even socks for that matter.

On another note, if you have a moment, I’d greatly appreciate your vote as I’ve been nominated as a semi-finalist for Redbook’s Real Women Style Awards. Win or lose, I can’t wait for May 12th so that I can stop annoying everyone, myself included! But until then, you can vote here ;) Thanks guys!

Now, on to my week:

1) Celebrating holidays with children is the best. Even a simple task like color eggs is much more enjoyable when I get to look at these cute faces…all three of them ;)    H54F4255

2) If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this little girl downing jellybeans for breakfast Easter morning. How could I say no?!


3) I was frozen along the sidelines and this kid was full of adrenaline! Pardon the zoomed in pic, but this face just shows how fired up he was!


4) I love playing classic games with my 4 yo that I played when I was a child. We had some pretty heated rounds of Old Maid this week!


5) I have always loved Sour Patch Kids, but for the past few weeks I cannot get enough of them! I swear I have some stashed in all of my bags….this has to stop!



How did your week treat you?

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