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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday all! I know it’s said all too frequently, but kids really do grow up way too quickly. I realize that in the coming years my husband and I are going to have many obstacles to tackle with our kids and at times it can all seem very daunting. This week my 4yo son began getting incredibly offended when we laughed at something funny he did. He told us that we were hurting his feelings (in his almost cry voice with a quivering lower lip) and it almost broke my heart. How I wish I could keep him in a bubble and protect him from anyone who may knowingly or unknowingly hurt my baby….just like any sane mother would, right? Since that obviously isn’t going to happen and both of them will most likely grow up, I spent the week loving and enjoying my kids. We danced like maniacs, we sang, we read, we cuddled, and I made certain that I did not laugh unless a certain 4yo was laughing along with me.

Here’s what my phone captured this week…

1) I mentioned we sang, right? This would be my daughter’s latest singing face. What’s even better is that not a sound comes out of her mouth when she’s doing this! Count her out for karaoke, but lip-syncing, she’s down!H54F32862) Is there anything cuter than watching a bowling ball creep down the lane and ever so slowly knock down a pin or two? And I’ll just throw it out there that I may or may not have beat my husband. Maybe next time, my love ;)H54F32813) I was able to help out at Jack’s preschool one morning this week and loved getting a little peek into his world. Preschoolers are so darn cute!!H54F32824) There are many components that make a great marriage, but I would have to argue that bringing a Mrs. Fields Klondike home to your wife has got to rank towards the top!H54F32845) It took someone else’s talent to remind me that there are endless ways to style little girls’ hair. Now if only I could get her to sit still!H54F3283

I hope your week was wonderful! See ya next week!

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