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High Five for Friday

It’s Friday, and to me that means we are one more week closer to Spring! Honestly, I might as well have posted one big old snowflake image below because looking back on my week, that’s the majority of what went on around here. My son had off of school for President’s Day on Monday (at one point during the day he asked me when we were celebrating Obama), and then Tuesday and Wednesday were cancelled for snow/ice. We all went a bit stir-crazy, but we survived! We’re heading to VA for the day tomorrow to visit some dear friends (and celebrate my godson’s birthday) and the temp. is to reach near 60! That’s a nice little reward for making it through this past week, I’ll take it.

A look at my week:


  1. Not only did my sister babysit so that my husband and I could enjoy a Valentine’s Day dinner out this past weekend, but she also brought me the sweetest gift. As you can see, she knows me well.
  2. It’s not often that we enjoy dessert when we’re out to dinner. This is because we typically have the kids with us and as some of you know, time doesn’t allow for that when a toddler is involved! This chocolate peanut butter cake did not disappoint on our ‘adult only’ night out.
  3. I found this quote on Pinterest this week. Outside of groceries (I swear it looks like I’m feeding a family of 10 every time I check out), this is a general rule I tend to follow. It’s also a good reminder for me to not shop impulsively. I’ll leave it behind and see if it’s still on my mind the next day…and the day after that…and then it may be mine ;)
  4. With the snow and naps falling in alignment (yes, my 4yo still naps, don’t hate me, I have great sleepers!), I found a little mid-day me-time. The dishes and the laundry can wait!
  5. I snuck this shot of my little ones watching Sesame Street together one afternoon. My daughter only gave me a few minutes of stillness, but I’ll take it.

Now that I look at this, it appears that I had one calm and relaxing week, haha! Let it be known there were many games played, books read and melt-downs had. All in a weeks work ;) How was yours?!

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  • Carrie says:

    Happy Friday Marisa and Zerby Fam! We are preparing to leave on a ski/snowboard trip with our kiddos. We just bought and prepared more comfort food than you can imagine to have ready at the condo for all of the hungry bellies. As much as we love the snow I am loving all the new spring fashions I saw yesterday at the stores!! Have a great weekend!

  • Mmmm!! Love having dessert out. I know what you’re saying though, dinner out with kids you’re usually shoveling food in as fast as possible :)

  • Amber says:

    Va can’t wait to see you;)

  • Whitney says:

    Love that pic of your little ones! They are precious. =) Have a lovely weekend!

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