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High Five for Friday

What a fun whirlwind of a week I had! It began with a girls’ weekend in NY/NJ which was nothing but wonderful. I got to spend time with some dear friends and enjoyed adult conversation for almost three whole days! In addition, my girlfriend got us tickets to see a live showing of The View. It was my first time seeing a talk-show and it was ever so entertaining. The whole production is much smaller in person than expected, which meant that from the third row we could literally make eye contact with Jenny McCarthy :) After a refreshing break from my day to day, I spent the rest of the week rejuvenated and ready to give my little ones all of the attention they needed.

Here are some pics from my week:H54F117


  1. The lovely ladies I got to spend my Monday with at The View!
  2. There’s nothing like leaving for a few days to return to a super sweet ‘I love you and appreciate you’ card from a super sweet husband. Don’t tell him, but it kinda makes me want to leave a little more often ;)
  3. Later in the week he came home with a french toast bagel from Panera for me (you all know about these, right?) At that point I started wondering what he did wrong…..just kidding…. well, kinda.
  4. Enjoying a lovely game of Go-Fish with the most handsome little man.
  5. My week wouldn’t be complete without a little playtime with my princess.

 I hope your week was even more wonderful! Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

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