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High Five for Friday

Thank goodness I captured some images from this week so that I can remember what happened. It totally flew by for me, how about you? I love and hate those weeks because obviously the weekends typically prove to be a good time and it’s exciting when Friday arrives, but at the same time it reminds me how fast time goes by and in essence how quickly my kids are growing up! At least their lives will be well documented :)


1.) I won’t fool you, I did ask my son to sit down next to his sister so I could take a picture. This moment didn’t just happen, but it’s still one of my favorite moments this week.

2.)My little buddy helping me to bake this week. So far he settles for being able to dump in the ingredients. I can handle that.

3.) Gosh I know how dorky this looks, but I love it! My husband bought me a bike for Mother’s Day and I finally had a chance to ride it this week. He has a trailer that attaches to his bike to haul the kids, so I needed something to be able to tag along.

4.) My second Birchbox arrived and I was just as excited to open it as the first one.

5.) I attended a party at JEG, a new store in my hometown of Hollidaysburg, PA. My dress and my sister’s skirt are both from the store. I’ll be posting more on this next week and thanks to the owner, Tiffany, I’ll be doing my first giveaway, yay! Stay tuned.

This weekend is the Central PA Festival of the Arts here in State College, which draws a crowd of over 125K people. I haven’t been there since I was a kid, so I’m looking forward to it!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today for H54F.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  • That picture of your babies is so precious! It really looks like it just happened. :) And your bike is so cute! I love that it’s white and has a little spot for a basket or something on the back. Not dorky at all! I’m stopping by from the link up. I love your blog! have a great weekend!

  • Carrie says:

    I love the precious sibling pic! And you will love the bike. It is so fun to take the kids on all the beautiful trails in PA! Lauren and I wanted to share how much we lived the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Amazing!!

    • marisa says:

      Carrie, we can’t wait to get out and explore more!! I’m so glad you tried out the cookies! They are dangerously delish ;) xo

  • Saskia says:

    Love those brother and sister moments- enjoy Maddie; the 2nd grows up so much faster :( love her bathing suit!!!! Great blog babe xoxox

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