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High Five for Friday

Well we have officially made it through the holidays and are working our way back into a routine. Maybe by next week we’ll be back on track! Yesterday was my son’s first day back to school and while I was out running errands they ended up dismissing school early due to the snow. Thank goodness for a patient son and wonderful teachers who waited until I arrived at the normal pick-up time. Mom-fail #1 of the year!

The rest of my week looked like this:


  1. My beautiful girlfriend, new mom, and hostess of a lovely New Years Eve party. She’s holding a tray of champagne jello shots that I could have run away with!
  2. The differences between my son and daughter fascinate me. My son still hates putting his own shoes on, but if you walk in our door my daughter will be sure to prance around in any and all shoes that are left by our door!
  3. Ice skating with this handsome dude. He whimpers the entire time he’s on the ice yet he can’t wait to get back out each time.
  4. Trader Joe’s feels like our second home. Thankfully Madelyn typically enjoys our multiple trips in there!
  5. Anyone else entering daily to win the HGTV Dream Home? I plan on winning this year, so it may be a waste of your time anyway ;)

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