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High Five for Friday!

Well this is it my friends, the final semi-sane week until we jump into the week before Christmas┬ámadness! I have to say as much as this month always seems to fly by, I’m really enjoying the season thus far. This week alone we attended a Christmas concert that my mother directed, my son’s preschool concert and we have a holiday get together this weekend. I’ve been cooking, baking, shopping and apart from runny, crusty noses (ugh they last all winter long, don’t they?!) the kids have been under control as well. Oh and our elf, Sam, has only forgotten to return to the North Pole once so far, not too shabby!

Here’s a bit of what I have on my camera roll from this week:


  1. My inspirational mother up there doing her thing (that would be directing) at her concert and my handsome 4 yo son singing every word and not missing one hand motion at his.
  2. I always see the cutest decorations after I’ve already decorated! Leave it to Trader Joe’s.
  3. Christmas cards are in the works thanks to my talented cousin Amanda Kirkham! I’ll share more on this later, I can’t spoil everything just yet! I love when my son looks at my daughter this way, it melts my heart!
  4. The things we do for beauty. And then they gave me a complimentary paraffin hand treatment, which was very kind, but I literally felt like a space person walking around the salon!
  5. After four lessons, my son is finally starting to feel comfortable without his floaties on. Hopefully the swimming follows :)


I hope you’re enjoying the season! If not, take some time to get yourself into the spirit this weekend because Christmas will be here and gone before you know it!

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