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High Five for Friday

Anyone still in a food coma?? Fortunately I was able to manage getting through Thanksgiving dinner (for those who aren’t updated, today marks day 7 after having my wisdom teeth removed), but not enough to stuff myself which I found to be enjoyable. What I really mean is I was able to go all out with a piece of pie for dessert without feeling like I was forcing it down. Ok, I’m probably making some of you sick continuing to talk about food. On to shopping. So how many of you crazies are heading out to fight the crowds today? I’m not a big Black Friday shopper. I’m a bigger online shopper and find that the sales throughout the whole season are pretty darn good. For example, my sister and I already ordered Kate Spade wallets at 65% off…not too shabby. Check out their site for the sale.

I’m spending the day cleaning, doing a little decorating and getting some family photos taken by my sweet and talented cousin….just as soon as I can figure out what we’re all going to wear! In the meantime, you can have a look at the rest of my week…


  1. Christmas decorating has commenced. It still pains me, but yes, we have a fake tree. We realized a few years ago that my husband is allergic to pine and my heart broke a little. I love hiking out, finding the not-so-perfect-but-perfect-for-us tree, chopping it down, hauling it home and having the scent fill our home. What I do appreciate, however, is the lack of maintenance and mess and the ease of it all.
  2. A snow day this week called for cookie baking. I could not get them out of the oven fast enough for this little lady to chow down!
  3. Trader Joe’s has a boxed scone mix that I just tried out this week. Based on the crumbs that were left, everyone approved.
  4. My lovely siblings on Thanksgiving Day. I am the oldest out of the batch despite the size of my one brother….yes, he’s really that tall.
  5. I don’t make brussels sprouts all that often, but I will surely be making these again. Super easy and a perfect side dish.

Happy shopping everyone! Let me know what you find (online or in-store)!

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