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High Five for Friday

Well, it’s Friday, again! We are a week into November and time isn’t slowing down. I had a wonderful week that started out at a football game with some of my best friends. It continued on as we celebrated my Mom’s 5*th birthday ;) And is ending with anticipation for the weekend. My gf (pictured to the left of me below) is closing on a new home next week and we’re taking a quick road trip to VA to scout it out this weekend. I’m not ready to let her leave, but some things are inevitable. Fortunately her 1 year old son is in love with my daughter, Madelyn, so we’ll always be tied together ;)

Here’s what my week looked like:



…and 5. 

  1. Two girls that know too much about me but love me anyway.
  2. Sara Evans and world champion skaters at the new Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State. The show airs on NBC on 11/24 at 4pm if you’re interested! This was my Mom’s ideal B-day celebration :)
  3. Grocery shopping is even more interesting with these two in the drivers’ seat!
  4. I just came across a new blog that I am obsessed with. The author, Beth, is not only adorable and has me wanting to try out every outfit she has worn, but I’m pretty sure she just inspired my next haircut!! Check her out at Seersucker + Saddles when you have a chance. Finding new inspiration is so exciting isn’t it?!
  5. I’ll leave you with 31 seconds from my week. Don’t be fooled, there are many moments of screaming and crying in my house as well, but this laughter is my absolute favorite part of any day.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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