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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, all! This week marks the week that I broke out my wool coats for the first time this season. I love them, but I wasn’t exactly ready for them just yet! We also had our first trick or treat outing of the year at the Penn State All Sports Museum. Players from various teams handed out the candy which I thought was very kind to take the time to do. Poor Jack, who is a HUGE fan, got so intimidated by the football guys (including their star quarterback) and refused a photo. Maybe next year.

We’ll be attending a wedding this weekend and getting the chance to catch up with many friends from high school. Jack and I will be spending the night away (thanks to the grandparents!) but who wants to bet we’ll still be wide awake by 7am?! I sure hope not.

Here’s a look at my week:



  1. A shot of my fireman and Minnie Mouse. Recycling her birthday dress and saving money until she has an opinion of her own ;)
  2. This little big beauty came from the Bauble Bar necklace sale they had last week. Remember when I asked you to weigh in on which dress I should rent for an upcoming wedding? Well plans changed when I found a Juicy dress I hadn’t worn in a while, and then found this necklace and my outfit kind of fell together. I’ll share details next week!
  3. BCBG shoes. TJMaxx. $39. Adorable. Possibly 1/2 size too small. Do I keep or do I return?! Also, note how well a toddler can behave when they have a bag of animal crackers. Don’t judge, at least they’re organic ;)
  4. Speaking of organic, this soup topped with these croutons from Trader Joe’s have added some much needed yummy warmth to my lunch during this chilly week. You should give it a try.
  5. My nuggets enjoying a popcorn night before bed. Some nights my husband and I are all too eager (and exhausted) to get them to bed, yet as soon as we do we wish they were back out with us. Children are such precious blessings that grow up all too quickly.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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