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High Five for Friday

Each time Friday comes around I am shocked at how quickly it has once again appeared.  The season that I love to get the most out of happens to correspond with the same time the days get shorter and shorter. Not fair! I also realize time is flying by the fact that we already had our first parent/teacher conference of the year. I know, it’s preschool, but there’s nothing I love more than hearing how my little boy is doing while he’s off on his own (ie away from Mommy). In case you were wondering, he’s doing great :) With SO many years of school ahead it thrills me that he goes into and leaves school excited each and every day. I hope to keep that rolling!

As for the rest of my week, this is somewhat what it looked like:


  1. Those of you with children, do you ever dress your children all too similarly to yourself without even realizing it?? Between the denim tops and the leopard print, we were embracing the comments all day long :)
  2. My new everyday nail color. Essie’s ladylike.
  3. My run is being overrun. With all of the sweet treats that I tend to blog about (including this week’s apple pie and the following comment #4), I should make it clear that though I do love to indulge, I do my best not to overindulge. I also offset my sweet tooth by working out 3-4 times/week, eating a balanced diet the rest of the time, and happily sharing my goodies whenever I can! Now, moving on to #4…
  4. Have you run into this in your grocery store yet? If not, I’m sorry for having introduced it to you. Well, no, I’m really not. My girlfriend and I enjoyed this every morning during our week at the shore this summer and now it’s popped up locally. Oh, boy.
  5. Ouch, Martha. I may not be an expert (I suppose if I were I wouldn’t have much left to learn) but there’s no need to offend the blogging world in one fell swoop. I may just take a break from ‘testing’ any of your recipes for a bit. Reference 1:40  http://www.bloomberg.com/video/martha-stewart-speaks-out-bloggers-are-not-experts-ERw6xWfeSCKd~bRGzSsHxQ.html

How was your week?
 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


  • Falen says:

    Those leaves and that nail polish!! You don’t see leaves like that where I live. No old growth trees. :( Enjoy being overtaken. Looks beautiful for sure! And that nail polish! I’m a fan.

    I’m not a crafty blogger by any means, but when I saw that video of Martha Stewart, even I thought it was a little harsh. I know I have read posts where her company sends freebies to bloggers to post reviews. So, for having a “blogger friendly” company with a spokesperson that has such a poor view of them… It doesn’t seem to be going so well for Martha… I wonder if she will address that statement again…

    Anyways. Have a great weekend! Visiting from #H54F!


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