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High Five for Friday

It’s Friday, it’s October and it’s been in the mid 70’s here all week. I started the week dressing for fall in layers and boots, but by Wednesday I gave in to Mother Nature and broke out the short sleeves. We’re going to the Poconos this weekend with Jack’s family and I think we were all hoping to enjoy some crisp, cool weather. Apparently we’ll be enjoying an Indian Summer instead :)

Here’s a glimpse of my week:



  1. This picture cracks me up because all I can think of is the Prancercise lady!
  2. HomeGoods. Turns out I can’t leave the store empty handed.
  3. When I give up control in the kitchen and let my kids take over. My son is decorating our fall cookies.
  4. Anthropologie sure knows how to do fall. It’s probably best I don’t live 5 min from one any longer.
  5. My daughter can now wear pigtails. This is all happening too quickly :(

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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