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High Five for Friday

It’s Friday and our household has made it through our first week of fall. Jack is back in preschool and is overjoyed to be staying for ‘lunch bunch’ this year. This of course means that I get to pack his lunch daily, but he thinks it’s the coolest thing and has thus far been helping me pack. We’ll see how long that lasts! Overall, I’m happy to be back on a schedule packed with school pick ups and drop off’s, music classes, soccer practice, bible study and workout classes. Thank goodness my kids both nap. That hour of downtime is much appreciated!


  1. Jack ready for his first day of PreK 4.
  2. Madelyn in her first music class. Jack is my cautious child and I always had to encourage him to get off of my lap during his classes. Not this one, I had to chase her around the room as she pranced about waving and passing around instruments.
  3. The gym I belong to finally opened the doors to their brand new studio. It is amazing. They offer some of the most challenging classes that I have ever taken. This is a shot of their cycling studio. Looking through the mirrors and seeing that road behind you adds another dimension to the class.
  4. Homemade pizza as a reward for #3 ;)
  5. Anyone else subscribe to Style Up? It’s a daily email I receive that gives me an outfit idea for the following day based on the weather forecast. I find it quite helpful.

This weekend we’ll be attending our first Penn State football game which I’m very much looking forward to. My PSU tee and converse are ready to roll!

Have a great weekend!
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