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High Five for Friday

This is one Friday I am sad to see arrive as our week of fun at the shore comes to an end. Along with our friends and their two children, we have had an amazing week in Stone Harbor, NJ enjoying the town, the weather and the memories we’ve made.

As I mentioned on Monday, I knew we’d have anything but a dull week. The kids of course took care of that on their own, but to top it off, our fire alarm in the house we’re renting decided to start going off every 5 minutes around 10:30pm Wednesday night. After the third alarm, we called the police and a few minutes later we were on the driveway holding four groggy little ones. There were police cars, firetrucks, sirens and lights brightening up our block. Of course my son was scared, his friend Lily was enjoying the rainbow the lights were making, and the babies nearly stayed asleep the whole time. It turns out it was only a battery that needed replacing which is not what we would have guessed by the sound of the alarm!

Outside of the fire alarm and the typical meltdowns, we had a great time. Here’s a glimpse at our week:


  1. Quality time with my little ones during a week without distractions is priceless.
  2. Now that my son’s clothing has to pass the ‘cool’ test I was nervous to buy him this Stone Harbor shirt. Luckily I won him over with the crab since he had been so proud of ‘bashing’ the ones we ate a few evenings prior.
  3. My carefree baby in all her glory. Diving, sliding and face planting into the sandy water all week long.
  4. It’s obvious the kids had fun, but the adults found ways to have a little fun as well :)
  5. We decided to swap date nights with our friends during the week. On our turn, my husband and I went to the Backyard Restaurant. With outdoor seating set in a garden atmosphere, a relaxed setting and amazing food, we throughly enjoyed our night out.

I suppose it’s now time to embrace fall and football season (especially living in State College, PA), but I’m even happier to do it with a tan ;)

Have a great weekend!


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