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Go-To Gal Gifts

When it comes to gift giving for those closest to you (think your mother, sister, bff…), it can often seem like an intimidating task. You want something thoughtful or meaningful, or both if you’re lucky. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute where you end up grabbing some random gift (we’ve all been there). With this in mind, I decided it may be helpful to have a list of some go-to gifts that are sure to be winners. Below I have a number of items that I have and love, some of which I have gifted, others that have been gifted to me. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll surely recognize some of these products, and that’s the whole point. Great gifts are those that the recipient won’t tire of! I also find the best gifts to be those that are either personal or practical, so everything below falls into one of those categories. Feel free to flag, tag or Pin this post so that you don’t end up in a jam in the future!

  1. Scout Bag: I know own four Scout bags ranging from the largest tote to this small makeup bag. If you know of a specific need, you can browse the whole Scout collection because they have it all. But if you want something that’s a guaranteed win, this little makeup bag is perfect. You could add it to a gift or tuck in some beauty favs or a gift card. I keep this bag in my car with my makeup staples!

2. Mama Sweatshirt: I’ve had this one for years and it keeps getting better with every wash. It’s my absolute favorite sweatshirt and makes a great gift for any mama, new or seasoned!

3. Personalized Books: My bestie gifted these to me for Christmas and they are already my favorite piece of decor <3 She had the names of my three children stamped on them, although you have the option of adding any date, name or personal meaning of your own. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t love these!

4. Monogram Necklace: An oldie but a goodie. This monogram necklace has been a long time favorite of mine and makes such a great gift.

5. Water Bottle: Can’t stop with this water bottle! It checks every box and has every detail I want in a water bottle. Easy to clean, easy to track and cute as can be! This is such a fun gift to give or receive and it comes in a variety of color options. Practical and shows you’re keeping your loved ones health in mind!

6. Make-up Eraser: Many or you likely know the ‘magic’ of this Make Up Eraser, but this is something that I only recently fell in love with. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily it removed every ounce of my makeup the first time I used it! No more wasting wipes or spending excess time removing my eye makeup. This thing honestly works magic. Tuck one of these in a Scout bag and make anyone’s day!

7. Bathrobe: Out of all the gifts, this one would be the splurge, but boy is it worth it! I’ve had mine for a while now (and contemplated it for some time before purchasing) and it’s another one that just gets better with time. It’s great year round providing just enough warmth, yet being breathable at the same time. I wear mine every morning as I’m getting my hair and makeup done for the day. Worth every penny.

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