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By now I’m assuming you are all realizing that┬áDecember is quickly passing us by. It’s already the 9th for goodness sake! Today I am tackling a wishlist for the person I find the most difficult to shop for. My husband (or the special guy in your life). All items have been approved by my man himself, all, that is, except for the ‘hubby’ tee. When he saw this he said, “what guy is going to wear that?” I started laughing and told him he is because it’s already hidden in our closet!! Take that as you will, but I will not be making any returns ;)




1. Patagonia Coat: My husband has owned his for a few years now and continues to wear it endlessly. He claims it keeps him warmer than anything else he owns yet it’s extremely thin and lightweight. My son wears one as well and it’s thankfully lasted him two years! Well worth the money.

2. Wooden: Packed with powerful life changing principles and an all-time favorite of my husband.

3. Messenger Bag: I love the classic, masculine look of this messenger bag by TOMS.

4. The Art of Shaving: My husband is extremely particular about shaving products. He’s tried everything and swears by the Art of Shaving products. According to him, they are worth every penny.

5. L.L. Bean Duffle: If you’re familiar with L.L.Bean you know their quality is outstanding. This weekender is perfect for quick business trips or getaways with your guy (because we know you don’t have any room to spare in yours!)

6. Michael Kors watch: Granted, watches may not be anything out of the ordinary to gift to someone, but who wouldn’t be happy to receive a beautiful (I mean cool, awesome!) new watch? There are a ton of options out there when it comes to watches, but I own a Michael Kors of my own, I trust the quality and love the versatile look of this particular leather banded option.

7. Hubby tee: You saw what we both had to say above, so I’ll let you make your own conclusions. And just maybe I’ll coerce my husband into modeling for a post ;)


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