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Gift Guide: The Guys

Today I’m tackling the gift guide for the most difficult person on my list, my husband! Although this list won’t do me much good because all of these items are tried, tested and given full approval by Jack himself. But for all of you on the hunt for the perfect guy gift (be it your husband, father, brother etc.), read on!


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These slippers are Jack’s official house shoe. He rarely takes them off and they have held up for years. They live up to the quality you expect from Ugg, that’s for sure.

This shave set gives Jack ‘the best shave he’s ever gotten’. It also lasts forever, very much worth the price.

The 4 Hour Chef is a wonderful gift for any guys (or gals for that matter) that enjoy cooking. One comment states, ‘If you crossed Jason Bourne with Julia Child, you’d end up with Tim Ferriss’. I’m great at following recipes whereas Jack is good at cooking (in other words, he can create a meal on the fly) and that’s only been enhanced after he went through this book.

Sweats. Where these may be seen as loungewear for most, they make the perfect work attire for any other work-from-home guys! These are Jack’s favorite. I’m thankful they at least come in an array of colors :)

This Jack Spade bag has held up for years and barely looks worn at all. Jack uses it to haul around his laptop and a number of miscellaneous items. The perfect, masculine, man-bag.

The Yeti. Jack was gifted this by his sister and brother in-law last year and it is used every, single day. It keeps your beverage cold or hot for hours on end, no joke. It’s also easy to clean, which I appreciate as I clean it daily. I’d love one of my own!

I’ve gifted Jack a few watches over the years, but the one her prefers the most has this style of wrist band. He gets annoyed by metal and even leather bands. Comfort is the name of his game…in case the sweats and slippers didn’t already give that away ;)



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