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Gift Guide for the Hostess

Happy Friday, all! Today’s gift guide is one that most all of us can get use out of this season. Whether you will be staying with friends/family over the holidays, attending a party or simply getting together with a group of friends, we all know that hosting takes some effort. As a token of appreciation (which is typically never expected but I’m guessing always appreciated) I’ve gathered a bunch of gift ideas with practical uses to take along with you.

Food and drinks are always involved, so consider taking along some baked goods on a plate or platter that can be left behind. If you bring along a bottle of wine, why not dress it up in a reusable wine bag or attach a cute monogrammed wine stopper to it? There are also these festive shot glasses or set of oven mitts, depending on how crazy of a party you’re expecting ;) If you’re staying for the long haul, maybe pack a cute, reusable tote filled with some groceries for all to enjoy. Thoughtful touches, no matter how big or small, always go a long way.

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