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Gift Guide: FOR HIM

Hello Friday! This week flew by for us. With the kids off school on Monday and preparations going on for a big fundraiser that’s happening at the kids school tonight, I really don’t know where the week went! I’m sure many of you have your Christmas shopping well underway, or at least started, so today I wanted to share my gift guide for all those guys in your life. Jack can be one of the more challenging people on my list to shop for, but I’m pretty sure he’d love more than one or two things from this guide. It helps that I requested his input as I worked on this post as well as the help from one of our most resourceful, stylish and in-the-know friends. Hopefully this can serve as a great aid as you check off that list!


Hoodie: Most guys love a good hoodie and I love this one that’s made from a thermal knit jersey. It would perfect to lounge in but could also be a great layer over top of a plaid button-up shirt.Scarf: I love a good tartan scarf, especially one that I could borrow for myself.

Wall Art: I think most guys would enjoy a piece of art that could serve as a memory of a past trip or dream and plan a vacation to come! Perfect for a home office or den area.

Hindsight: I haven’t read this book, but I know Jack would enjoy this. First off because the design is top notch (and was done by the design firm he used to work at), and second because who doesn’t want a behind the scenes look into JT’s life? I love this blurb about the book: ‘Living a creative life, observing and finding inspiration in the world, taking risks and listening to an inner voice—this is Justin Timberlake’.
Yeti: I’m sure I’ve shared this in years past, but if you don’t own one, you may not know how great these insulated tumblers really are. They make a perfect gifts for anyone on the go and keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

Gloves: They may be typical, but practical is always appreciated! Jack is due for a new pair, so I have this pair sitting in my cart now.

Sneakers: These have been on Jack’s list for a while now. I love the look and the fact that they don’t look athletic, but perfect for everyday wear.

Smart Plug: I’ve seen and heard a number of people that use these plugs and if you have an Alexa, you should probably add this to your list. You can have it control anything that’s plugged into it, but it seems to be most resourceful for turning lights on/off, especially with all the added Christmas lights this time of year!

Putter: I won’t pretend to know anything about golf, but coming from my good friend, this has greatly improved his game!

Watch: Classy and timeless, you can’t go wrong with this handsome watch.

Pants: I don’t know about you, but Jack doesn’t shop for his own clothes. He leaves that to the hands of myself and I’m thinking it couldn’t hurt to add a little color to his winter wardrobe. These are also flannel lined and have some built in stretch which is always an added bonus!

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