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Gift Guide: Beauty

Another gift guide coming at you today! This time I’m sharing gifts within the beauty arena. Whether she’s a natural beauty or loves getting dolled up, there’s a little something for every lady on your list!

A few of these things are in my own home, and others are on my list as well. This robe is a dream and what I wear every single day as I do my hair and make-up, post shower. It’s worth every penny and only gets better with wear. This hand cream is a go-to of mine. I tuck the travel bottles in my car and bags so that I always have one on hand. They make great additions to gifts…think about tossing one in a pouch with some nail polish, a cute beauty blender or lip gloss.

I included two cosmetic bags, both excellent choices. Personally, I’d use this one for my makeup to keep it organized (even at home) and this stand up bag for traveling which I’d fill with my haircare products, brushes etc. Another great gift would be this vanity organizer. I love how it can be tucked under your sink or in a linen closet and brought out for easy use.

I don’t own this hair dryer (not exactly a necessity for short hair), but I hear it’s magical for those with longer locks. I may consider it for my girls at some point. Another product that always gets rave reviews is this brush cleaning mat. A gift most anyone would get use out of. Then there are collagen peptides which help with skin, nail, hair and joint support. This is the only flavor I’ve tried, and I really enjoy it!

Everything here falls under $100 with the majority falling under $50, allowing you to keep within those budgets while checking off your list at the same time ;) Click on images below for more details.

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