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Getting to know me…

Hi friends! Well, it’s been almost two months since I started out on this blogging venture and I’m truly enjoying myself. It’s been fun sharing my thoughts and advice on fashion, food (ok, sweets) decor and whatever else I’ve had on my mind. At times I still feel brand spanking new in this world as there are tons of amazing bloggers with years and years under their belts. I thank you for giving me a few minutes of your day and hope that I have been able to inspire your life in some way. Even if it’s just to try out a new shade of nail polish or rearrange your porch!  I’ll keep trying.

Get to know me

Some of you are close friends, some acquaintances and others I have yet to meet. Instead of filling out an “about me” questionnaire or trying to guess what questions you may have regarding my background/likes/dislikes/family life etc, I wanted to open this up to you, my readers. In the comments below or via email (to remain anonymous) I’d love for you to ask any questions you may have for me. Anything from what do I do in my spare time (spare time?) to what’s my favorite brand of toothpaste? Joking, unless you really wanted to know, it’s Colgate ;)

It’s in your hands ladies, and any fellas out there. I’ll be answering these questions, and possibly adding some random tidbits as well, at some point next week, so stay tuned!

Now ask away, don’t leave me hanging!

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  • Sarah says:

    I obviously love your blog :) You’re good at what you do! You have shown us a lot of cute outfits and given us good advice on fashion – what are some of your absolute pet peeves or “don’ts” when it comes to fashion?

  • Jack says:

    How much do you love your husband? Because he loves you a LOT.

  • Amber says:

    You’ve inspired & encouraged many of my purchases recently;) Thanks!!! Also, reading your blog has become part of my morning routine!!! Speaking of morning routines, what’s your morning like? I’m always looking for quick & healthy breakfast foods for myself as well as my kids. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Spaniard says:

    As I’ve been putting off blogging for approximately…forever, what was the kickstarter in your case to actually begin?

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