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Getting Festive

Do you guys realize that July 4th is next week?! It creeps up on me every single year. When it comes to dressing for this festive occasion, it’s often easy to turn to your own closet and mix some pieces you may not otherwise pair together. For myself, I don’t force the use of red, white and blue. I’ll typically turn to red and white or navy and white and the point comes across well enough. When it comes to the kids, however, it can be fun to exaggerate their outfits a bit. I mean, red sparkly shoes and star hair clips? Why not?! I’ve pieced together some outfits below for the whole family to give you a few ideas. July4

Woman: Dress / Vest / Necklace / Bracelet / Shoe

Girl: Dress / Shoes / Hair Clips / Sunglasses / Tote

Boy: Shirt / Hat / Shorts / Flip-flops

Man: T-shirt / Shorts / Sandals



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