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Get Cozy!

With the holiday’s now behind us and winter setting in, does anyone else find they want to be bundled in cozy layers 24/7, or is it just me? My entire family is one that enjoy’s their ‘comfy clothes’. My husband works from home and is in sweatpants 95% of the time and my son runs to his room for his the minute he gets off of the school bus. Madelyn….well, she’s in her own little world of non-stop tutu’s at the moment, so we’ll just leave her out of this particular discussion ;) The frequent changes may add to my laundry, but I can’t argue as I’d opt for fleece leggings and a cozy sweater any day! We also had our first snow yesterday which just reinforced this post. I sat in our family room, snuggled with a blanket and my baby and watched the fresh, beautiful snow cover the ground. It sure was a pretty sight! For anyone looking to add a cozy layer or two to your own wardrobe, I’ve gathered some great pieces for you to browse…


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  • Andrea says:

    Yesssss! I need cute comfy clothes! I usually wear my old riped up high school track t-shirts and baggy bottom sweat pants. This does nothing for my sex appeal. My poor husband.

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