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Fun with Nails

I’m not one to get nail art on a manicure no matter how hard they push their flowers on me at the salon. Actually, it’s very rare that I even get a manicure done at the salon because they’ll last a whole day and a half on my nails. But when I do them myself, I love a a straight up solid color, typically by Essie.

When I came across ‘set in stones’ by Essie, I was lured in by the sparkles and decided to give it a try in order to spice up my nails. At first I only did my ring finger. So what if we’ve been married nearly seven years, that’s something to celebrate, right?! The next day I decided to go crazy and add some sparkle to both hands. I love the look it created. Fun but not over the top and it would still go with anything I had on. Once that manicure had worn off I tried it with a lighter shade underneath. Either way I enjoyed the added glam on my nails. It’s a great idea to try out for any wedding or special events you may have on your calendar.


How do you spice up your nails?


  • Denise says:

    The look is fun! I read that the hot Fall shade is Russian Red or Fifth Ave. by Essie. I loved the color! What’s your opinion?

    • marisa says:

      Love it for fall! I’d lean towards the Russian red myself since it appears to be a cooler shade. Fifth ave is great too, but too warm for my skin tone. We’ll be wearing it before we know it!

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