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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! My kids managed to get two days of school under their belts this week before having a cancellation due to wind chills falling between -20 – -30 today. I’ve already promised pancakes and hot chocolate and we’ll see what else we can get ourselves into. Maybe I can teach them how to do laundry, lol!

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites things as of late. Some new, others that have been around for a bit, but all of which I love and I have a feeling you might too. I’ve got a little bit of everything…faux leather leggings to water bottles, all of which I highly recommend!



French Press Coffee Maker: Jack gifted this to me for Christmas and let me just tell you that my morning cup of coffee is now something to get excited about! I know the french press isn’t anything new, but instead of having to get to a coffee shop I now get to enjoy a cup in my pj’s everyday. Jack did his research and with over 11,000 4.5 star reviews, I agree he got a good one ;)

Initial Necklace: I’ve shared this on here before, but this necklace has quickly become a favorite piece of jewelry. It works well with your everyday outfits but is also perfectly understated for an evening out.

Fleece Boots: When I’m looking for something a little more sleek than my Uggs but the temperatures remain well below freezing, I’ve been turning to these fleece boots. They are stylish but perfect for the wintery months ahead.

Faux Leather Storage Bin: This was a recent find that I wasn’t necessarily looking for, yet it managed to functionally fill an empty space in our family room. Perfect for books/magazines or who am I kidding, kids clutter! Leave it to Joanna to design yet another beautiful piece! PS, who else is overly excited about her recent baby announcement?!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: I’ll continue to rave about these leggings for years to come I’m sure. They pop on sale every once in a while (and I shout it from the rooftop when they do), but if you have some Christmas money to spend, you won’t regret this purchase.

Fleece Pullover: I still can’t get enough of this fleece. It’s stylish, cozy and comes in a color for everyone!

Glass Vase: I love finding decorative pieces that I am able to utilize in any number of rooms in my home. I pulled this out as soon as the Christmas decor came down and it’s currently being used as part of my dining room centerpiece. You can’t beat the price point either!

Camelbak Water Bottle: One of my goals this year is to focus on drinking more water everyday. I love water, but I am terrible at keeping a glass with me at all times, mainly because most of my day is spent on the run. My new water bottle has been beside me for the past week and even though I haven’t met my goal in ounces every day, I’ve come a lot further than I had been previously!

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